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Alvern History

  • 1992
    The original idea of pumple nozzle advertising came from Norway.
    1992 Stein Alvern got the worldwide patent for pump nozzle advertising, the so called FillBoard™. Developing the Skandinavian markets.
  • 1995
    Market launch in UK, Ireland and Benelux.
  • 1996
    Market launch in France, Spain and Portugal.
  • 1997
    Market launch of FillBoard™ in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • 2002
    New foundation (Reestablishment) of the Alvern Media GmbH in Hamburg as well as buying all patents for FillBoard™ (except America).
  • 2004
    Market launch of DoorMedia™ in Germany
  • 2010
    Market launch of DoorMedia™ in Austria
    First test application of ScreenMedia™.
    Market launch of AutomatMedia™ (media space on automats for empties)

See the Video from 1996

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