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6 Steps to learn about FillBoard™

  1. About Alvern (incl. History)
  2. Marketing aspects
  3. Legal aspects
  4. Technical aspects
  5. Geographical aspects
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This slide show presents FillBoard™ advertising of Alvern Media.          Let's go! This kind of unit is installed on approx. 25,000 petrol stations worldwide More than 350 million filling operations worldwide per month Alvern Media has licensees in 43 countries worldwide Alvern Media is owner of various design rights Every nozzle carries your message; multiple brand messages on the forecourt The last impact to draw intention to the product you want to sell in the shop The attention of your target group, motorists is guaranteed With pump nozzle advertising, your campaign is literally within arms reach of your target audience striking advertising space, to design optionally, protected by a plastic cover International, national, regional and local Flexibility to select a single network, brand or region Meet your target group - car drivers FillBoard™ compaigns increase the sale of a particular shop product FillBoard™ - 3 minutes fuelling time - unavoidable format - 5 opportunities to see The FillBoard™-system is reliable because it is not meant to break FillBoard™ is an internationally known and accepted media Thank you for your attention and please be so kind as to follow the tutorial