SCORE and Alvern Media putting drivers into wintertime mood

Press | This entry was posted on 2011-12-15

900 FillBoards™ – advertisements on pump nozzles – shorten waiting time at the pumps

Approximately 900 FillBoards™ from Alvern Media, the Ambient Media specialists, are creating a wonderful wintertime mood and thus ‘shortening’ waiting times at 45 SCORE petrol stations in Germany over November and December. Using a snowy ad and the claim “Winterfest?” (All set for the winter?) or a picture of some punch with a cinnamon stick and the line “Es weihnachtet” (Christmas is on the way), SCORE-Tankstellen und Mineralöllhandels-GmbH are appealing to their customers right at the POS.

Marion Klug-Meyer, SCORE-Tankstellen and Mineralölhandels-GmbH, says:

Our winter slogans are meant to raise the drivers’ attention to the present road conditions plus create a Christmassy mood. Our petrol stations and the ads on the gas nozzles are the best places to appeal to our target group. Apart from that it makes the waiting time while filling tanks go faster.

Sven Wucherpfennig, Managing Partner Alvern Media GmbH, states:

Advertising at petrol stations is a versatile tool. Not only do various brand names successfully use FillBoards™, even petrol station operators themselves are using this ideal advertising environment to create a dialogue with their customers and for more service at the pumps.

40 million drivers in Germany make regular stops at petrol stations. At an overall number of 160 million fill-ups this type of advertising reaches every second German citizen at an average of four times per month.

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