Carglass and Alvern Media surprise customers with flip images at the petrol pumps

Press | This entry was posted on 2012-04-01

Carglass automotive glass experts presents mobile service on FillBoards™ on about 5,000 petrol pump nozzles in Schleswig-Holstein / 2,500 nozzles are equipped with lenticular inserts.

Hamburg, April 2, 2012. Things will get a little “wiggly” starting today at 275 service stations in the north of Germany. The automotive glass specialists Carglass, together with the Ambient-provider Alvern Media, are taking exciting new paths and using FillBoard™ advertising – the ads on the petrol pumps, available all across Germany, are being equipped with lenticular inserts, also known as ‘wiggle pictures’, for the first time.

When refuelling, drivers can see two different motives with just a little wiggle of the petrol pump: the first is a little shocking with the question “Stone chip in your windshield?” followed by the comforting second one showing the distinctive Carglass service hotline 0800/22 2 222 as well as a tip to their mobile service. Just dial the number and the Carglass mobile service will repair the damage, wherever you are.

Carglass on FillBoards™

For the first time ever, Carglass is raising potential customers’ attention using petrol station ads in a four weeks campaign. The location could not be more perfect: almost 1.5 million cars in Schleswig-Holstein and a 50 per cent participation rate of all petrol stations in this German federal state alone provide a coverage range other locations would find hard to keep up with. Approximately 80 to 90 per cent of all drivers will become familiar with the mobile service during the campaign’s duration.

Sven Wucherpfennig, Managing Partner Alvern Media GmbH, is convinced that the new wiggle image inserts will effectively increase the already large amount of attention that the FillBoards™ are attracting during refuelling:

Our numbers prove that advertising is effective while motorists are filling up, especially because there are no other diversions. And the moving pictures most certainly add an element of surprise – a little ‘Aha!’ moment. The wiggling-picture effect is also positively reinforced since it conjures up childhood memories.

He sees additional advantages for Alvern Media customers: “Apart from the effect that they have on our target group, the lenticular inserts also offer an abundance of new possibilities to produce campaigns which can be adjusted to their online advertising forms, thereby complementing them.”

Carglass in Germany specialise in the repair and replacement of automotive glass. The company has numerous service centres in Germany and also offers an especially customer-oriented mobile auto glass service – the wiggling-picture FillBoards™ appear to be the ideal advertising medium for this. Sascha Mischok, Advertising Manager, Carglass comments:

Service stations are the ideal environment for informing our customers of Carglass’ mobile service. And the wiggling-picture motive will definitely increase the effect.

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Carglass in Germany specialise in the repair and replacement of automotive glass; the provides their service for automobiles as well as for railway and bus. Carglass employs about 1,900 employees all over Germany. More than 300 employees work in the head office in Cologne, about 230 employees are active in the customer contact centre (call centre). The approximately 1,400 specially trained Carglass installers and services employees help about 800,000 German motorists per year in one of the more than 250 service centres or on the road with their mobile service. Carglass has belonged to the international Belron family since 1990 and has been operating under the name Carglass GmbH since 1993. Belron is the largest company in the world specializing in the repair of automotive glass damage. The group employs more than 24,000 employees worldwide – more than half of which are highly qualified installers – and is active in 34 countries on five continents. In the year 2010 the enterprise achieved a turnover of 2.8 billion euros worldwide, about 11.7 million customers use the group’s services.